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To have and to hold. For sickness and in health. Till death takes us apart. That day and those sacred vows that she recited with her husband only three years prior, continues to play over and over like a broken record in Raquel Newton’s head.  The night that she found out about Jarvis’ extra marital activities shattered Raquel’s perfect life, and forced her to turn her attention to the world in search of someone to take all her pain away.

A night out on the town with her best friend Natalie, was the perfect antidote to her broken heart.  Not only was she able to finally not think about Jarvis and allow herself to have a good time, but she was introduced to something new. An interesting couple whose husband, Damien,  handpicked her,  and  wanted to live out their ultimate fantasy; a menage~a~trios.  After a night of kinky passion Raquel hoped that the pain of Jarvis's infidelity, would finally go away, but found her self entangled in a love triangle, where both Damien and his sexy wife Staci wanted her.

Falling into the trance that Damien spun around her, Raquel finds herself lost in a bed of deceit and lies. Trying to break away and attempt to love herself, Raquel now has to fight to not only protect herself, but the life of her unborn child. Who can she trust? Is it really a beautiful love that Damien has bestowed upon her, or is he just a Beautiful Liar?

From the Pen of Ni'Cola comes a tale that makes the movie Ménage~a~Trois seem like a children's Story and brings Raquel into truths you don't talk about with your friends.

Beautiful Liar

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