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You know what it’s like—when he’s so wrong, but it feels so right. Joyclyn Jones is about to find out. She’s always been a sly, slinky seductress, accustomed to taking the man she wanted from right under the nose of whoever he was with. Now, she’s met her match in hip-hop superstar JL Smooth, whose bedroom moves live up to his name. But Simone Jones has JL in her sights…and she’s got Joy’s number! Now, JL’s caught in the middle with his secrets exposed for all to see. Meanwhile, Joy’s best friend, Tasha Lorin, is obsessed with her own mistake, Malik, who haunts Tasha’s heart despite being married. But just as it seems Malik may become available, Tasha’s eyes are turned by JL’s buff best buddy Trey! A new mistake in the making?

He's My Favorite Mistake

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