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When an unprecedented virus comes and shuts the world down, Harper, a young girl from Las Vegas, has to fight not only for herself, but against the demons of her Mother, poverty, and Covid to find her happiness. But she soon finds out that life wasn't that easy.

From the pen of Ni’cola, comes a tale of heartache and pain. Trapped in the generational curses of her bloodline, Harper finds herself pregnant and behind bars at the age of 15. However, Harper begins living for?to feel hope to live when she is introduced to a leader of an organization for young girls, who sees past her hard exterior and connects with the scared little girl within searching for love and happiness.A story meant to inspire, can Harper find her happiness in spite of the life she’s been dealt? Or can she find the courage to live even though pain and grief is imminent? In What Was I supposed To Do, rippled with trauma, betrayal, and darkness; discover a journey worth exploring when society has written you off. Can you truly survive past your pain and discover a happiness worth

What was I supposed to do?

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